By Christa Barto
Christa Barto

I am a  Graphic Design graduate from  the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree in the field.

I reside in a town approximately 45 minutes North of Pittsburgh, PA where I work at a Fox's Pizza Den . Along with being a manager, I also handle a lot of our graphic design work such as flyers, menus, announcements, etc

I am going to begin to open up for more freelance work which is one of the main reasons that I decided to create this website. I specilize in personalized invites, business cards, flyers, announcements, and can do many other things as well if requested. 

Contact me for a quote or to ask questions.

***I currently am in the process of planning my own wedding. I am still open to work but will be willing to take on a lot more jobs after October 2017. ***
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